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Once again I forgot this existed...but I am bookmarking this time!
Life: I started going to school again, I am taking classes online (although I do kind of despise online classes, they do not offer anything worth taking or rather I have taken the face to face classes worth taking... I have no choice in the matter, Vicenza is crappy like that...) through the art institute of Pittsburgh online in a few years I will have my B.S. in Graphic Design which I am super excited about, I kind of wish I hadn't taken time off from school after high school... almost... I got Little Big Planet for the PS3 the other day and its making school a lot harder for some reason, probably the same reason I haven't been to sleep in like 28 hours......... =D I still have the same job with little kids and I realized like a second ago that the only periods I have used in this sentence has been in the form of ellipsis objects........ I got a Citroen Xsara which is a right hand drive and super fun to drive around! People give me weird looks because I think I have the only right hand drive in the Veneto. I think that is all....
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